Like links through the hourglass, so are the posts of our lives

Allergies are acting up again, so I’m taking a break from thinking to see if my head clears.
•Joan Walsh reviews Coming Apart, Charles Murray’s book on the moral failings of the poor (Megan McArdle and Gene Marks also think it’s the poor’s own fault they’re not rich). Lance Mannion disagrees with Murray on what makes a Real American.
Bitch magazine gives a condensed history of feminism. And here’s a Christian woman explaining why she’s a feminist (“every interaction Jesus had with women was to set them free and lift their burdens of bondage”)
•A feminist blogger responds to the argument rape is a result of dressing too sexy. Her take: If we train children not to put their hands on everything they want, there’s no reason not to apply the same standard to men.
Two posts on Slacktiverse and commentary at Narrow Crooked Lanes recommending guys avoid being creepy when they hit on women (some guys, however, feel that’s not their problem).
•The newest anti-woman talking point: Worrying about women’s rights is bad for Democrats (it’s actually not a new point, but like Digby, I suspect we’ll be hearing more of it soon).
•A blogger discusses how far freedom of conscience extends. Corey Robin suggests opposition to contraception is tied into conservative support for authoritarian families and unchecked business power. Case in point, one Alaska pol says it’s wrong for a woman to get an abortion without the father’s permission (nothing in the article about whether he thinks a rapist or a man who refuses to support the child still gets a veto).
•Republicans oppose reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.
•Why can’t the Catholic Church accept gay married couples when it lets divorced-and-remarried individuals be part of the church (the same applies to a lot of Protestant conservative churches).
•Rather than talk about Romney’s actual policies, a reporter devotes his article to the lack of attendance at a Romney speech.
•Are there any al Qaeda fighters left in Afghanistan?
•Did you know Archie Comics know has an out gay teenager? Anti-gay activists unsurprisingly have a hissy fit. Meanwhile, American Prospect points out that anti-gay activists oppose gay marriage whether it’s “imposed” by judges or by the legislature (I’ve made the same point). One blogger replaces “gay” with “Christian” in an anti-gay speech and asks Christians if they think the language is acceptable and not hate speech when directed at them.
*Problems with making a living off tips? The Huffington Post, Working America and Alternet weigh in.
•Lawyers, Guns and Money discusses the attack on unions and labor rights. And Sara Robinson argues both we and our bosses are better off with a 40-hour work week. Corey Robin takes on the libertarian view.
•Republican flexibility on the concept of state’s rights. Plus paranoia about environmentalism and growth-management.
•What happens when the right to refuse customers for religious reasons goes into effect.
•Conservatives are outraged by Rick Santorum’s liberal policies, like banning porn. And besides, it’s unfair for the media to quote Santorum’s policies, and a clear sign of liberal bias!
•Given a choice between serious and informative and trivial but fun, some NYT reporters will always pick the latter.
This was news to me: Some state laws prevent abuse victims from suing the Catholic Church because whether or not it fires pedophile priests is a freedom-of-religion matter.

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