Let us now link famous people

•Michael Kinsley argues that all the flak about Limbaugh’s use of “slut” is hypocritical: He’s not any more offensive than he’s always been, so obviously anyone criticizing it is insincere. Charles Pierce dissects that argument here.
I think Kinsley actually has a valid argument that (as Daily Howler has also pointed out) Limbaugh has been doing this for years: Accusing Hilary Clinton of murder, labeling Chelsea Clinton the White House dog, claiming there’s an inverse relationship between breast size and IQ. But people aren’t consistent: The fact that picking on a single woman touched a nerve his previous forays didn’t may not make sense, but it doesn’t have to mean hypocrisy (Echidne suggests here that what’s changed is women have had it with right-wing sexism).
It’s also worth noting, as Pierce does, that Kinsley is actually complaining that this might discourage Limbaugh from being so outrageous which means Kinsley would find him less entertaining. So apparently he’s hateful, loathsome and ..amusing?
In related topics one blog reminds readers that employee health care is an earned benefit, not a free gift. And Salon notes that some feminists (contrary to some squeals of “hypocrisy”) have indeed called out liberal sexists. And a Time columnist ponders whether women qualify as human beings.
•Pandagon suggests that Republicans misread the whole situation, assuming that opposition to women having sex was more widespread than it is. I’m not so sure: She ignores the possibility that they seriously believe what they’re spouting about women. Having lived in a very conservative town, I’m quite sure some of them do. Still, she makes some good points.
•A psychiatry journal takes back a report that abortion causes mental illness.
•Iran has been about to nuke us since before the Islamic revolution, as Christian Science Monitor explains.
•On a geekier note, the Comic Book Justice blog recounts the stories of how Alan Moore, Jack Kirby and Gary Friedrich (creator or co-creator of Ghost Rider) got shafted by Marvel or DC.
•Back in Destin, a local resident explains my support of the birth-control mandate makes me a Communist pig. I reply.
•Digby reports on the ordeals of the doctor trying to replace Dr. Tiller, the murdered abortion provider. Oh, and Kansas is contemplating a bill to immunize doctors against lawsuits if they don’t tell women about potential pregnancy problems. As discussed before, Gov. Brownback does indeed “blow.”
•Why some right-wingers hate feminism.
•Another analysis of Eric Holder’s speech on assassinations.

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