A brief note about the Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood

First, you’ve probably heard that the Foundation, which announced its intent to stop providing grants to Planned Parenthood, has taken it back. Not so: They’ve announced that PP can keep applying for grants, not that it will get them (they’ve also announced PP will get the grants already awarded, but apparently that wasn’t in dispute).
Second, the right-wing whinging about how horribly oppressive we liberals are has predictably started: National Review claiming “there is more than a little gangsterism in the response” to Komen’s cutting Planned Parenthood off. Don’t people realize that Komen is a private foundation? That it has the right to give its money to anyone it wants, or not give its money?
Well, of course we do. But that doesn’t mean it has the right to do it without getting criticism or losing donations. As Media Matters notes at the link, anti-abortion groups have been pushing Komen to drop Planned Parenthood for years, but NRO thought that was fine. Of course, National Review is also perfectly within its rights to say Pressure to do X is Fine, Pressure to do Y is Not—I certainly feel that way about some things—but it’s got nothing to do with the fact pressure is applied or that it’s inherently objectionable for people to withhold donations or for Planned Parenthood to push back. It’s to do with whether we like what the pressure is for.
To claim that pressure tactics, in themselves, are objectionable is bullshit. Possibly the writer genuinely deludes himself that it’s a completely different process when his side does it. Possibly he’s just posturing for political gain (I doubt he’ll be the last to do that in this debate). He’s wrong either way.

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