Up early …

But the week has been chaotic enough that I can’t focus on eHow yet (not to worry, I had a good day of fiction-writing yesterday instead). So——links!
•Ta-Nehisi Coates on black perception of Civil War history as a thing for whites.
•Republicans discover capitalism doesn’t sound as good as “economic freedom!”
•The continuing Republican criticism of federal courts. Like the author of the article, I agree that term limits is a good idea. Slate covers the subject here.
•A Christian college student majoring in counseling claims her school wants to force her to change her beliefs on homosexuality in order to get her degree. The school says it’s only requirement is that she learn not to let her views prevent her from giving gays effective counseling. If it is the former, the student’s in the right; of course the facts may also lie somewhere in the middle.
•FAIR points out how a recent Washington Post article reduces the reason for the Iraq War——Saddam’s nonexistent plans to use nonexistent weapons against the US through his nonexistent alliance with al Qaeda——to a minor detail.
Questions about a study showing women earning more than men. And then there’s the study blaming childhood obesity on mothers.
•Billionaires scoff at the “imbeciles” criticizing the wealthy. One wealthy man responds. Matt Tabibi singles out one billionaire’s claim that even the poor should pay income tax so they have “skin in the game.”
•A blogger points out the oddity of religious figures carrying out state marriages.
•Some terrorists are right-wingers.
Thoughts on the Kardassians. The reality-show stars, not the aliens from Star Trek.
•Why Social Security is a good idea. And what would happen if the government proposed breaking the country into time zones in 2011 (“The big government takeover of time!”).
•Iowa-second place winner Rick Santorum favors invalidating current gay marriages in addition to banning future ones. Remember, he thinks fighting gay marriage is like the fight against slavery!
•The Daily Howler mocks Frank Bruni’s criticism of the Mitt Romney campaign——which amounts to the campaign being carefully micromanaged, giving thought to which venues Romney speaks at and what music plays at campaign events. Because nobody else in all political history has ever done that stuff. Plus he doesn’t give specifics of his policy——though Bruni also mocks Santorum for offering specific policies (as the Howler has been noting for years, policy details bore the hell out of the press corps who supposedly cover this stuff).
•Ron Paul gets flabbergasted when someone asks him for details about supposedly seeing a baby murdered. The post also discusses the role of abortion in the Iowa primary, and how it may explain the success of Paul and Santorum and the marginal victory by Romney.

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