Partly fair, partly cloudy

Or maybe that should be mostly fair, a little bit cloudy? The week really went very well until today, which was a real mess: I slept poorly last night (possibly related to going out for Thai food later in the evening than I usually eat) and as sometimes happens, it caught up with me. My brain seemed to turn into sludge when I faced my eHow list: I finished a couple, then the technical material all turned into incomprehensible “Reverse the polarity of the iambic positron flow” gibberish.
Unusually, I didn’t just keep floundering: I had the sense to give up and put some extra time into one of my short stories instead. Only at that point I fell asleep.
So not so good a day, but the fact I had sense enough to change gears as opposed to struggling with an immovable object is a good sign——I did enough already this week this doesn’t pose any financial problems, so why not?
And yes, having a long lunch break really does improve performance (though it wasn’t an option today). Among other things, if I do blogging and a few other light tasks over lunch, I can watch TV on Hulu on TYG’s computer——it’s next to impossible to watch it on my laptop and do anything else on line at the same time. So I read the newspaper, blog and make up the actual writing in the evening.
Fiction: I made a few touch-ups to Mage’s Masquerade before posting it for the writer’s group; finally found an ending and a satisfactory character arc for The Savage Years; and started reworking Dum-Dum Diddle. I still don’t know where that one’s going, exactly——among other things, my protagonist is spending too much time not doing anything——but it’s a marked improvement on round one.
I also spent about four hours rethinking Brain From Outer Space some more. I read a book called Hard Magic this week (which I’ll review in my next Movies and Books post) and it’s close enough to my style of alt.history that it gave me some insight into what I’m doing wrong. We’ll see if it’s enough (sigh).
Oh, and The Glory That Was came back from Abyss and Apex with some positive comments, so I’m encouraged: This was a bear to complete and I kept worrying it might not actually be ready, so positive feedback, even with a no, heartens me.
I chopped my backlog of fiction-writing time down by 15 minutes, due to a)having Monday off and b)going out with friends Thursday, so I didn’t have much extra time available. Next week may be even worse as TYG has Monday off, so I’ll be off to enjoy her company——yes, I am that self-indulgent (I’m in love! Cut me some slack!) Plus she has a big alumni event upcoming: We’ll have house guests and events to attend and while it theoretically shouldn’t affect my schedule much (based on the tentative plan of events), but in practice? Still, it’ll be fun, and I like our guests, so I’m ready to roll with it.
Now, eHows:
•What Is Multihomed Host in Java?
•Drupal Conditional Styles
•How to Write a WordPress User Bridge
•Transformerless Amplifier Safety
•How to Harden a Cisco Router Firewall
•How to Use Amazon’s API
•What Is an ICP on LCD TV?
•How to Interpret iPhone Accelerometer Data
•VirtualBox SDK Setup
Android Kernel Development
•Importance of Cohesion & Coupling in Software Design
•Lamda Functions in Java
•Does Microsoft Have a Metadata Layer?
•What Is the MIJN Proxy Server?
•PHP Function in a Cookie
•How to Run API Demos on Android
•What Is a CB Antenna Matcher?
•NMAP & Strobe Network Scanners
•rWhat Is Tagged Traffic?
•What Is a Map Register?

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