So maybe my doom is not writ after all

Which is to say, I had another very productive week.
I always have this nagging fear that when I don’t produce, it’s like the Victorian stereotype of a fallen woman——once my efficiency is besmirched, I will never recover it. Even though I’ve had bad weeks or even months before and bounced back, the fear never quite goes away, so after last month’s performance, I admit I was a little worried.
But now that we’re two weeks into December and my work’s going fine, I guess I can relax.
I did worry a little Wednesday when, as noted, I fell behind on paying work: Despite my announced plans to follow it up in the evening, I wimped out. Sometimes, given a choice between writing and lying next to TYG and reading … well, not much of a choice at all. Work be hanged.
But to my surprise, I was on point Thursday, turning out eHows in cracking style. Today, not so cracking——started off well, began to slow by afternoon——but I did get them done, and without going overtime either. So yay.
And doing the fiction first thing (or almost first thing) in the morning is definitely paying off. Mage’s Masquerade‘s plot is finally in place. Once I edit for details (getting titles right, blocking out Sinclair’s town house) I’ll be ready to send it to Cindy, my beta-reader (appropriate as it’s a novel of hers that inspired it).
Brain From Outer Space looks better. I’ve rewritten it up to the point where everything was going kerflooey, so next week, God willing, I’ll fix the problem and get past it. That would be so very nice.
Doom-Tripper is looking reasonably well formed. I’m mildly bemused that I decided the twist I’d planned to throw out is starting to work … it needs more work before it’s ready for an audience, but I feel it’s getting there.
•I finished the first draft of (working title) Dum-Dum Diddle. I’m quite pleased that I managed to make myself just sit and stare at it for 20 minutes without succumbing to the impulse to browse the Web or something; it’s frustrating, but it does push me to come up with something, anything, to make the story move further. In this case, it gave me an ending I don’t at all like, but I think the emotions in one character that emerge in the ending will be worth saving when I start the rewrite.
As for eHows:
•Computer Production Line Process
•How Is UML Different From Other Modeling?
•Oracle UCM Vs. Drupal
•What Are Filter Keys Used For?
•How to Use Backpack as a CMS
•CB Antenna Restrictions
•Virtual Surround Sound Vs. TrueSpace
•Open Source Decision Tree Application on the Mac
•Videography Lens Characteristics
•Network Switching Capacity
•What Is a Global Limit?
•What Is a Private Line Service (PLS)?
•What Is a PCM Microphone?
•PowerShell Help for Commands
•Conjugate Gradient Methods
•How to Make Sure Your Email Is Not Hacked
•What Is Conduit in Mozilla?
•What Happens If You Have Signal Bounce?
•How to Get Great Audio When Filming
•Geocaching and Cache Ideas
•Broken Icons on a Mac
•ColdFusion 8 Vs. ColdFusion 9

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