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I really like this post, by a doctor, about why she sides with the 99 percent, and why she thinks the “I am the 53 percent” counter-protests miss the point. Yes, it’s commendable if you support yourself and your family by working two jobs for 67 hours a week and pay your medical bills without insurance, but that doesn’t mean we should just accept that as the new normal, the minimum that’s needed to survive. As another blogger puts it, is this what the 53 percent want for their kids? Their younger siblings? For their retiring parents? (Second link was supposed to be in an earlier post, but I got it wrong——now corrected though).
Meanwhile, conservatives continue to insist that income inequality, if it exists at all, is no big deal. And Paul Ryan, a Republican who wants massive cuts to the safety net, is tut-tutting about the fact that “no one in Washington” is fighting efforts to cut the safety net. If that’s not enough, here’s another thrashing of Ryan, pointing out that not only are his ideas are bad, he’s constantly asserting that the White House is crushing job-creating Randian superman through punitive taxes. And stating, quite untruthfully, that America is a land of opportunity for hard-working poor people to rise, in contrast to the class-conscious societies of Europe (the odds are better over there, actually).
•Here is a reminder of the kind of actions Bank of America takes that continue to make life hard for customers and to muck up the economy with derivatives and dubious foreclosures.
•Switching subjects, here’s details on FBI anti-Muslim training predicated on the idea that they’re all terrorists at heart. The FBI also sees fans of Insane Clown Posse as a terrorist threat.
This article points out that Mississippi’s “the fetus is a person” amendment could potentially lead to bans on the Pill, IUDs, in vitro fertilization and to prosecuting mothers. Some supporters are quite keen on this; others are other fudging or genuinely confused about what they’re advocating.
There are already multiple cases in which laws have been twisted to justify prosecuting women for miscarriages, including a woman who lost her baby under a suicide attempt. Does Mexico offer a preview of what’s ahead if these laws become the standard?

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