Nor battle to the strong

In my last post on luck, I mentioned that while I believe God is part of “luck”——however you define it (and I offer some definitions at earlier posts)——I also wasn’t sure how to fit that into my theory, or my slowly forming story on the subject. But since these posts seem to be working out ideas in these post, I figured I’d joG down possible thoughts:
•There is no luck. God plans everything out and what appears like random events is part of some master strategy. I’ve never accepted this because I can’t accept a good God would come up with a plan that includes Rwanda and Auschwitz.
•There’s no one route. God sees all possible choices, all alt.futures and whatever plans he may have, he works with that.
•God improvises. He can’t plan what we do so whatever plan he has for the cosmos has to adjust constantly (“Ahh, TYG came through the surgery okay. In that case, I need to nudge this person here …”). From a viewpoint outside of time, time isn’t a fixed structure, it’s a constantly shifting blur.
•God intervenes by an occasional nudge rather than overtly, the sudden gut sense that hmmm, maybe my car overheating wasn’t just because of the hot day (the overheating happened a couple of months ago, and it’s a good thing I didn’t drive it again). Of course, this raises the perennial Problem of Evil: Does God nudge everyone? If not, why only a few people? If he does nudge everyone, why don’t they all listen? Isn’t that putting blame back on the individual (“If you’d only listened, everything would have worked out right.”)?
•God doesn’t intervene. This is a short, brief blink compared to eternity, so however bad our luck seems here, it’s minor in the grand design.
•God plans the turning points, not the turns we make. As Jorge Luis Borges puts it in “Lottery of Babel,” lotteries are random but someone still has to plan the ticket drawing.
•God (or Gods) aren’t omnipotent so they can’t intervene all the time. Or they’re the humanized Greek deities who only intervene they like you (like the first theory, not a personal belief of mine, but it’s been widespread enough in human history to be worth mentioning).
•Luck isn’t really luck. It’s the working of cosmic forces we don’t understand yet, just as the sun worked by fusion power even before anyone conceived of such a thing.
Any of the above, or none of them, may get into my story eventually. So could ideas that aren’t part of my (or anyone else’s) real-world belief system?
For example, what if it’s Satan (or a generic Fate or Destiny) that does the planning? Not for evil ends necessarily, but to winnow away our free will, until we’re nothing but sheep following a predetermined path? And God’s goal is to undercut the plan and give us free will again (very much like Jack Kirby’s live vs. Anti-life concept, though that wasn’t an influence)? I’ve had variations of that idea around for a while, maybe it’s time to employ them (this was inspired by a couple of dreadful books where the characters were announcing how their personal wishes didn’t matter, they must Submit To Destiny etc.).
I actually employed that concept as part of a story I began a few years back. Maybe it’s time to get back to it soon.


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