Because you can never have too many links

I do, however, have too many bookmarks, and I haven’t refocused enough to do regular work after yesterday’s troubles. So …
•The author of The Reactionary Mind argues that conservatism today isn’t notably different from its founding two centuries ago.
•An argument why conservatives love American exceptionalism. I don’t think I agree, but it does make the good point that conservative policies haven’t worked well anywhere, where as we have multiple examples of working government health systems and tight regulation that benefit the people.
•A liberal historian discusses the left’s impact on America, where it’s failed and where it should go from here.
•The Comics Code Authority, which laid down the rules for comics content in my youth (not that I knew) is now dead. The link provides a concise history of comics censorship and further reading suggestions (Ten Cent Plague is excellent).
•Some criminals in Alabama can get out of jail by attending church instead.
•An argument against online college degrees becoming the universal system.
Should religious bodies be completely free from anti-discrimination laws? Should religious schools? Businesses run by churches?
•Men pose in the style of female cheesecake photos.
•Another argument questioning the “I did it all myself” view of the 53 percenters. Digby points out that the supposed chiselers of the 47 percent are often seniors in retirement or young single-parent families struggling to make ends meet.
•Why it’s ridiculous for pundits and politicians to demand the Occupy Wall Street protesters come up with a solution to the economy.
•A doctor says she supports legalizing pot, but not the medical marijuana initiative.
•The power of the Internet, used poorly.
•A black activist argues SlutWalk isn’t an anti-rape tactic black women can support. She says this reflects partly black women’s history with sexual stereotyping and that she doesn’t think the word “slut” can be “reclaimed” and stripped of its harmful nature (an argument I’ve heard elsewhere). There’s a good decision of slut and prude stereotypes (and the shame that comes with them) at Yes Means Yes.
•Gay marriage is a plot by pagans to destroy Christianity! And abortion is a form of pagan human sacrifice!
•While it’s hard to figure out exactly what Herman Cain thinks of abortion, I agree 100 percent with Digby that abortion bans with a few exceptions are not a pro-choice position.
Fiscal Times points out that tax cuts for the rich were supposedly justified by the economic benefits … which haven’t materialized.
•Much as I disagree with our Cold War (or is it now heating up?) with Iran, that doesn’t mean Iran are good guys——as witness they may be even less democratic in the future.
•Eating healthy: For some families it’s tougher than it sounds.
•Fairness and Accuracy in Media details the problems with charging the media are anti-Obama.
•The federal government helps out the oil and gas industries, the nuclear industry——but God forbid it do anything for solar power.
•It’s getting harder for the unemployed to find a job. Unless they’re rich, of course.
•Some Iraq war supporters still insist that the death and bloodshed in Iraq was just a prelude to a glorious future, so they were right all along. Here are the means they think will be justified by the ends.
That’s it for now (I’ve still got lots more to post eventually though).

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