Stuck for a title

Having an odd fondness for Marvel’s punchy alliterative titles of the 1970s (e.g., “Wasted by the War-Wolf!”), I tried coming up with something similar like “Slammed by Surgery!” or the like but nothing seemed quite right.
TYG is doing well after her surgery, but being primary caregiver has really knocked me off-balance. It’s not that it’s demanding, just that the stress of worrying about TYG or fearing that I’ll screw up (“You fed her tofu? Don’t you realize tofu dissolves surgical stitches!”) makes it hard to focus on writing. I’ll really have to focus when I start work again on Monday——a couple of days of dithering is doable, but no more.
For obvious reasons, there’s not much work to report. I did put four hours in on Brain From Outer Space Monday, and it does seem to be progressing well … Which brings up my novel-writing goals on my 101 in 1,0001 list.
In the current 1,001 days (which runs through September 27 of next year), I put down no less than four I’d like to finish: Brain; Impossible Takes a Little Longer; a rewrite of Let No Man Put Asunder (an earlier novel whose manuscript I lost in the move); and my paranormal romance Good Morning Starshine (I was about two drafts in at the time of my move to Durham last year).
That’s a lot, but since I don’t get any reward for finishing goals other than the satisfaction (and, of course, having novels to submit), I don’t mind if my reach can exceed my grasp. Though the sooner they’re off my back, the sooner I can take up new novels (I’ve one or two ideas I want to get working on, but I want a smaller queue before I add them). The question is, how far can I get?
Impossible should be done by the end of next summer, possibly earlier. Brain will be finished within a year and half, unless this rewrite turns out as unsuccessful as previous ones.
The other two? Well, if I can recreate Asunder and do another draft of Starshine, I’ll be happy, though more would be better. If I were just writing novels, maybe I could finish three out of four, but I don’t intend to stop writing short stories.
So how do I divide my time? Well, Impossible needs beta-reader feedback, so I won’t be doing the next draft until next year. My immediate priority is to complete the Brain rewrite and be certain it works. What I intend to do is devote most of next month to the rewrite and see if I can complete the current draft (the fact NaNo WriMo is coming up is undoubtedly influencing me, though obviously I can’t submit a rewrite in the challenge itself). The only short story I’ll work on is Mage’s Masquerade. After that——well, we’ll see how it goes in November and then decide.
Now, as to my eHows for the week:
•How to Do a Google Company Evaluation
•iWeb for Business Beginners
•The Effects of Multitasking on Processors
•Can You Get Back an Internet History After Erasing It?
•The History of GPRS
•How Does Aviation GPS Work?
•Differences Between Optical Fiber and Wireless Communication
•Software to Measure Sound Decibels
•The Advantages of Bridging Network Connections
•What Is Buffer Pool in SQL?
•How Do Netbooks Work?
•Definition of FDC & CATV
•Public DNS Vs. Hosted DNS
•How to Make Programs Fast
•Definition of Grid Cell Resolution
•Python Tips
•What Is an Audio Transformer?
•How Globalstar GPS Works
•What Is Aperture Framing?
•Ingredients for Nanotechnology Batteries
•Technology Impacts On Database Management
•The Advantages of Dual LAN
•The Difference of Two Sets in Java
•NetBeans Project Types
•Internet Settings for a MacBook

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