A different kind of week

As I mentioned Monday, my week got off to a very slow start. Then it went in directions I didn’t anticipate (trust me, that’s not as exciting as it sounds).
After working on Mage’s Masquerade Monday and Tuesday, I went to the writer’s group Tuesday night and read Kernel of Truth. To my pleasant surprise, they liked it a lot——some minor corrections, but nothing compared to what I’d expected. So I should have it out and in circulation next month.
Wednesday, reflecting that the next project I want to show them is The Impossible Takes a Little Longer, I decided to use my writing time and work on a couple of chapters. Having had very little sleep (out to eat after group!), I started in the morning, figuring I’d save the eHows until my head was clearer. But it was going so well, I decided what the heck, I’ll just spend the entire day working on the book.
And so I did. There’s a couple of chapters I want to go over once more, but I think it’s ready for show. I’ll probably do what one of my fellow members did: Read the first chapter, then see who’d like to read the rest of it and meet to discuss it.
That used up my fiction time for the week, and threw me even more behind on my eHows. But I’m well ahead of budget his month (though about $15 short of where I need to be for one of my 101 in 1,001 goals), so I can afford that.
To compensate a little, I spent today working entirely on eHows. Since business/money titles are still in the doldrums, I focused on tech articles, which slowed me down some, but I’m quite pleased at having finished seven of them. Okay, eight would have been better, but several turned out to be not as easy as I thought. Plus it’s harder to find authoritative resources, since Google turns up tons of IT forums and wikis and those aren’t authoritative enough.
The eHows that I did get done:
•Can I Draw From a 401k for a Home Purchase Without Being Penalized With Taxes?
•What Liabilities Can Accrue When a Company Relocates Its Operations?
•Accounting Rules for Franchisors
•Requirements for a Binding Promissory Note South Carolina Law
•How to Make Partnership Contracts on Know How vs. Capital
•The Disadvantages of Income Statement Formats
•Do You Need a Seller’s Permit to Open a Restaurant?
•Do I Need to Have Itemized Receipts for a Sales Tax Audit?
•What Happens if You Are on a Title but Not on a Loan & the Person Dies?
•Can a Person File Bankruptcy Over a Recognizance Bond?
•What Happens to Employees in a Leveraged Buyout?
•Do You Need to File a Final Company Return Before Dissolving?
•What Is Advertising in Managerial Accounting?
•Laws About Ambiguous Advertising
•What Is the Relationship Between a General Ledger and Cash Flow?
•The Tax Treatment of Loss Contingency
•Taxation of Persons Under an E-2 Visa
•How to Report the Personal Property of a Sole Proprietorship Vs. an Owner
•Do You Have to Refile a Homestead Deduction When Refinancing?
And that was my week.

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  1. I just started going to writing groups They are awesome

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