A century of progress. Or at least a week.

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself.
OK, technically due to getting a late-night telephone call, I’m feeling quite tired, but I’m also feeling pleased with myself.
•I had a productive weekend last weekend without stressing out over the work. There’d been a slight possibility TYG would be off today and I wanted to free up time; as it isn’t, I’ll just save the extra hours for the next disruption (probably an upcoming dental appointment).
•We’re getting still more people at the writer’s group. It’s a good collection. And I was able to drive back in the dark using TYG’s five-speed (my car’s having trouble)——it’s good to know night driving will not be a problem.
•I finally had a breakthrough on Doom-Tripper. I rewrote it assuming Artemis West has no idea that her mission is anything but a routine touching up of occult bindings (to keep various Lovecraftian horrors bound) and doesn’t realize someone’s out to release them until she’s attacked. It kicked the whole thing into high gear and explains why she doesn’t have any sort of backup handy——there was no reason to think she’d need it.
Mage’s Masquerade is also starting to cohere. Cutting out the backstory and assuming my leads have never met loses some of the humor, but not a lot, and it makes the plot a lot simpler.
•The revisions on Brain From Outer Space are progressing better than I expected. So far all the new scenes and the reshuffled ones seem to fall neatly into place. That’s encouraging.
•The Demand Media copyeditors have gone over all the eHows I did today already and approved them, so I don’t have to worry about doing any rewrites over the weekend (there’s one I’ve already rewritten and will check again tomorrow, but it was a minor fix).
Speaking of which, this week’s eHows:
What Can You Claim as Executor of a Will?
Tax Return Items vs. Income Statement Items
Can You Claim Unpaid Rent as an Expense Deduction?
Do Donations to 501c Have to Be Disclosed?
What Is an Asset on an Insolvency Worksheet?
How to Calculate My Expenses to Handle Inventory at Home
Can I Claim My Deceased Husband if He Passed Away Last Year?
How to Diversify a Company’s Portfolio of Businesses
The Law in New York on Videotaping While at Work
Can I Claim the Interest on My Parent’s Home if I’m Paying the Mortgage?
Depreciation for Renting Out Part of Your House
Objectives to Setting Pricing Strategies in Retail
Operational Risk vs. Business Risk
Is My Identity at Risk if My Credit Card Number Was Stolen?
What Happens if Taxes Are Not Filed for Deceased?
Tax Consequences of Dissolving a General Partnership in Colorado
What Can I Write Off on the Taxes If I’m a Road Construction Worker?
What Percentage of Salary Should Be Saved for Emergency Funds?
Does a WIP Account Affect a Balance Sheet?
Can You Write Off Grandchildren Cutting Grass on a Rental Property?
Taxes on Paying Someone’s Living Expenses
Checklist for an Infrastructure Audit
Can You File Store Receipts for Tax Refund?
Do I Need a Certificate of Occupancy for My Dance Studio?
The Use of Anthropology in Accounting
How to Liquidate Trust Assets of a Decedent
What Corporations Can Use the Cash Method of Accounting?

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