And a few links too

•A woman let her daughter bicycle to school. She’s being arrested for bad mothering.
•Two from Hullabaloo, discussing Republican effectiveness at shifting things to the right, and the merits of presidential rhetoric for stating the other side. The second post includes a discussion of a new Republican idea, “reforming” unemployment by requiring workers provide unpaid labor to companies to keep receiving benefits. Meanwhile, S.C. Governor Nikki Haley asserts we need to drug-test the unemployed because “”We don’t have an unemployment problem. We have an education and poverty problem.” Because rich people and college students never, never, never use drugs.
•While on the subject of the poor, Roy Edroso vents about George Will’s enthusiasm for getting rid of the 40 hour week and giving workers the freedom to choose their own hours! Best line (From Edroso’s response in comments): “America is a place where people with houses, cars, and pensions actually resent paupers because they think they’re getting away with something. That’s conservatism’s trump card.”
•A Republican Congressional staffer gives his thoughts on why today’s Republicans are worse than Democrats.
•Preach it, Dr. King! A sermon on the Drum Major Instinct here.
•Running government like a business doesn’t apply to Homeland Security.
•National Review’s Jonah Goldberg is shocked, shocked and appalled that Obama wants “America First” as his motto! Because that implies everyone who disagrees with him is unAmerican! And only right-wingers are allowed to do that (Goldberg himself, for example, is the author of Liberal Fascism).

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