A fistful of links

Glenn Greenwald and Lawyers Guns and Money debate more about whether Obama’s positions are the result of his limits or his choice (some thoughts of mine are here).
•The Daily Howler questions claims a recent survey proves the Tea Party is racist. A former Tea Party member asserts, however, that they are most definitely part of the religious right.
•In light of my distaste for Civil War, here’s a discussion of Unlimited Powers, a proposed TV series from the late eighties/early nineties in which registering super-heroes turns out to be a scheme for the supervillains to covertly take over the world (when the series didn’t take, the producers carried over one character, the Flash, into his own short-lived series).
•Obsidian Wings shows the process of getting sucked into regime change (I don’t know if it’s how we wound up in Libya, but it does sound awfully familiar).

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