As Chairman Mao used to say there is disorder under heaven …

Despite which, it was a good week.
The disorder came in the form of my car getting very overheated on my way to a Raleigh Public Record meeting last weekend. I told myself it could be the fact it was a really hot day … but I had AAA tow it after I got home anyway. Good thing: My cooling fan was dead, so had I used it without getting it fixed I would probably have wound up with an overheated engine and a lot of time wasted. As it was, since I had to do two interviews by phone instead of in person, I wound up ahead of the game time-wise.
One of my two stories for the RPR is ready for writing. I’m sorry to say I blew off writing time for it this afternoon so that I could finally get around to transferring all my Internet bookmarks to my new computer.
Otherwise, though, I was quite focused and productive this week, even when I wound up taking a chunk of time Wednesday to go get the car (TYG took me, thank you love!). As usual, when going out for a distraction in the middle of the day, I lost focus, but i made up the lost time later that evening.
The Impossible Takes a Little Longer is progressing, though slowly. The common complaint in my writing group is that there’s not enough description in my stories, and that it’s easy to lose track of who’s saying what. So I’m fixing that before I show them the story.
Kernel of Truth is ready for writing-group review, next time there’s an opening for me to submit.
•My other stories, unfortunately, are mired in the early draft stage——there’s progress with each draft, but not enough to feel confident they’ll turn into anything good (I know they will if I keep at it, but it doesn’t feel that way). Mage’s Masquerade, which started well next week, immediately bogged down when I had to try and make sense of all the disconnected incidents. It also lost a lot of the light touch I was going for——I hope to get that back eventually.
That still puts it ahead of Eye of White Cathay, which has been through several drafts without firming up. I did get a much stronger opening this week, but I’m still not sure what the heroes are going to do that makes them a threat (I knew a couple of drafts back, but I’ve changed my mind since).
•My adjusted schedule really works well. Except that holding over some of my work for the evenings means I don’t get around to submitting stories, and that’s not acceptable. I’ve only put out No Good Deed Goes Unpunished so far this month; that has to change. So next week, I’m making marketing a priority. Even if I don’t find a possible home, at least I’ll be looking.
Now, my ehows accepted in the past week:
•How to Calculate Periodic Inventory
•Can I Claim Tuition From My GI Bill on My Taxes?
•Can Excise Tax Be Carried on a Schedule A?
•What is the Residency Requirement to File for Bankruptcy in New York?
•Cash Balance vs. Deferred Compensation
•What Causes a Deferred Tax Liability?
•Can a Lender Still Enforce the Debt if They Don’t Have the Promissory Note?
•How to Get My Bank to Agree to a Refinance?
•Can a Sole Proprietorship Have Unlimited Employees?
•How to Set Up a Blind Trust
•Tax Tips for Unreimbursed Expenses
•Is Room and Board Taxable Income?
•Do You Have to File Non-Taxable Income on a W2?
•How to Reduce Tax Liability on Early Retirement Withdrawal?
•Can I Deduct Legal Fees I Paid for my Deceased Father’s Estate?
•How to Start a Boat Manufacturing Business
•The Termination of a Section 529 Plan in Pennsylvania
•Do I Have to Pay My Deceased Spouse’s Credit Card Debt in Ohio?
•Tax Write-Offs for Newlyweds
•Tax Breaks for Capital Equipment
•How to Ensure Customers Get Value For Their Products
•What Happens if Your Attorney Does Not Agree With a Bankruptcy Trustee on Exemptions?
•What is Equated Credit?

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