Clearing out links

This column admits there’s absolutely no evidence looking at porn creates terrorism, but then proceeds to argue that it does.
•An overview of some of the more extreme positions expressed in the GOP debate. Tying in with my first And column, Rick Santorum argues that the prolife movement is trying to save rape victims “the trauma of abortion” by forcing them to bear the child.
•Speaking of which, here’s my new column, on the myth that if government ran the budget like a regular family, it would never keep a surplus or look for more revenue.
•This slimeball just received 28 years. Hardly seems adequate.
•Despite our branding terrorism as the great evil of the 21st century, some people are keen on unleashing the Iraq-backed MEK terrorists to attack Iran. Some act from ideology; some just take the group’s money. As Glenn Greenwald points out, if well-connected politicians like Howard Dean accept money from a group still classed as terrorist, aren’t they breaking the current terrorism-support law?
•Echidne of the Snakes has been discussing research into gender differences, here and in other recent posts. Well worth reading.


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5 responses to “Clearing out links

  1. Jim

    Hi. I’m wondering if you’re the Fraser Sherman who wrote an article for the November 2002 issue of ‘The Writer’ called “Focus on What Matters.” If so, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your article, and your advice has come to mean a good deal to me right now.

    Best regards.

  2. frasersherman

    Thank you very much. Yes, that was me.

  3. Jim

    Great. I’ll be reading it again soon in order to help sustain morale with what I’m currently writing.


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