Time Trapped

As I noted yesterday, I spent evenings this week catching up on the fiction I didn’t do last week. Plus throwing in extra eHows (I hope to do a couple of nice easy ones this weekend). Still have about 75 minutes of fiction to go.
It’s slightly more than what used to be my “normal” week. Plus, of course, much more of that time is actually working; if I zone out when I should be doing eHows, I’m effectively off the clock (as opposed to past jobs where I got paid even if my mind wandered).
Still, I can’t say it wasn’t productive. Brain From Outer Space is progressing steadily; I Think Therefore I Die, Where is the Life That Late I Led? and And He Bought a Crooked Cat will get one more review next week, then I think they’re good to go.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished looks much better, but I seem to have come to an awkward point: My hero’s in a situation where he can’t get out of trouble and I can’t see how he figures out the killer. Hopefully when I resume work after blogging, I’ll discover how it all makes sense. Wish me luck!

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