Busy, Busy

In addition to making up for last week’s missed writing time, I’m trying to do some extra eHows to compensate for a spike in my expenses. So today’s post is going to be links about copyright.
Here, Ursula LeGuin explains why Google’s plan to digitize all the out of print books it can get its hands on would have been a bad idea (for one thing, “out of print” does not mean “out of copyright”). More analysis here and here.
For the flip side, North Carolina blogger and gay-rights activist Pam Spaulding blogs about Righthaven, a media group that’s aggressively threatening blogs that publish any copyrighted material. Even stuff Righthaven’s backers don’t have clear copyright for, or that falls into “fair use,” according to Spaulding.
As an unrelated bonus, here‘s a post from Spaulding ripping apart Catholic zealot Bill Donohue’s rationalization that all that supposed Catholic child abuse was just gay teens and gay priests getting it on, and criticizing the church is just proof Catholics are oppressed, so there.

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