Time is on my hands, and on my tendons of achilles

(Title paraphrased from Ogden Nash)
My 101 in 1,001 went well in March. I took a dancing class, recertified for CPR, took a first-aid class and caught up on all the once-a-month projects that had fallen behind. I fell behind on a couple of others, but that’s how it goes—in the long run, I’m sure it’ll even out.
As for the week in writing:
•I’m up to 60,000 words on Brain From Outer Space, which is what I was shooting for. And I’m starting to feel more confident about the changes in the plot—I think my unconscious is beginning to see where I should be going with it, even if I’m not sure.
•I sent off both Tale Spinners and Number of the Least for their first audition.
Salad Days—now retitled Where Is the Life That Late I Led?—should be ready to go next month, ditto I Think, Therefore I Die. And Helping Hand of Death, now retitled No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, is looking much better.
•I actually had time today to generate some ideas for queries. Didn’t actually draft any, but I have a bad habit of trying to recycle good ideas endlessly, so making a fresh batch is promising.
•On the other hand, I’m clearly weaker on ideas than I used to be. Jane Goodall was speaking at Duke this week, and it never occurred to me to suggest this as an article to someone (if I had, I’d have made sure I got tickets, which I didn’t). That’s sloppy work.
•I’m getting better at relaxing and winding down in the evenings.
•On the downside, I discovered that my new business license with Durham is bringing down a flock of calls and letters from people who want to insure, secure or otherwise help my business to prosper.
That’s pretty much it. This weekend, I shall do my North Carolina estimated taxes, which will wrap up my bookkeeping until June. Yay! And try to squeeze a little fun in too (it’s TYG’s birthday. I can’t wait to give her the presents I’ve been hiding).

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