Apologies to Sarah Palin (and other matters)

The ever-observant Daily Howler pointed out yesterday that “blood libel” has been used more than a few times in recent years to mean “really horrible thing to say” so I must retract my grumbling she was putting herself in the same place as medieval Jewry.
That being said, I’m wildly unimpressed by any pundit whose response to criticism is that the other side is being mean and hurting their feelings and infringing on their First Amendment rights. Being told you’re full of crap is not oppression; being told your speech promotes violence is not oppression. It’s not oppression even if the people criticizing you are wrong: Writing liberals columns in a right-wing city, I’ve been criticized a lot, but even though my critics were wrong (“As are all the fools who pit their puny intellects against my matchless genius!” he said in his best Dr. Doom voice) I’ve never felt oppressed by the. If Palin can’t stand the heat, why not stay out of the kitchen?
(Then again, I’ve read a lot of Palin fans see her criticized and identify it with all the times they’ve been looked down on [or think they have], so maybe asserting how unjustly she’s treated will boost her brand).
Okay, that aside, this was a good week:
Brain From Outer Space is now 30,000 words in, although that’s still the part where the plotting is pretty solid. Next week, I’m going to have to revamp some stuff, so I expect the pace to slow precipitously.
Cover Stories, the final Applied Science tale, looks ready to go, though I still have to give it a hard copy proofreading (it really makes a difference—as if I finally take it as serious and permanent once it’s in print).
•I reworked the first thre chapters of The Impossible Takes a Little Longer. I described some of the challenges of reworking it here; since writing that, I’ve decided to try combining the modern and 1960s approach by assuming the changes started back in 1945 (Hitler conquers continental Europe, King Arthur returns to save Britain, etc.) but that the setting for the novel itself is the present day. I’ll see how that works.
Certainly the book holds up better than I thought it would, but there are several points at which I think the plotting is really strained—in addition to updating, I’m going to have to work the kinks out of them.
•I reworked my nursery-rhyme fantasy, And He Bought a Crooked Cat. I’m definitely on the right track, but the ending needs some tweaking; I’m half-considering setting in the 1950s, which would give the underlying theme more punch.
•My story for Raleigh Public Record looks like it’s going to be really cool. It’s taken a lot of work and time—I’m way out of practice budgeting time for big freelance projects (the books don’t count because the deadlines are so far ahead)—but it’s challenging and a really worthwhile story. I’ll hopefully be able to announce it next week.
•I submitted a column to The Log. I’ve been wanting to do more of those and reach a wider audience (and drive the right-wingers back there wild).
•The payment for those $40 ehows came in: I made $1,500 Tuesday for about 10 days work on them. That’s easily what I made in a month at THe Log. Of course, that sort of payday is the exception, but it still feels pretty cool.
And speaking of eHows, here’s the latest list. If you see any tax topics you’d like to check out, buzz over to TurboTax for them.
• Power of Attorney Financial Responsibilities
•What Are the Benefits of a Lease to the Renter?
•How to Get Customers Through Business Promotions
•Can I Claim an IRA Loss on My Tax Return?
•Does My Mother Need to File Income Tax If Social Security Is Her Only Income?
•How Can I Get My W2 From a Previous Year if I Never Filed?
•What Is a State Budget?
•Is a Business License Required for a Home Business?
• If You Are on Social Security & Don’t Work, Do You Have to File Income Tax Returns?
•How Do I Estimate the Value of My Car for My Tax Deduction?
•How to Add a Co-Trustee to a Living Trust
•Federal Tax Credit for Solar Energy
•How Often Can You File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in South Carolina?
•Are Trust Beneficiaries to Be Notified in Living Trusts?
•How Can I Get My Money Out of a Trust?
•Can I File an Income Tax Return If I Don’t Have Any Income?
•How to Terminate an Irrevocable Trust in California
•Are GI Benefits Income on Tax Return?
•How to Avoid an IRS Audit
•How do I File a Zero Income Tax Return?
•Can Cellphone Expenses Be Tax Deductible With a Business?
•Do You Have to Pay Withholding Tax on a Roth IRA?
•A Guide to Electronic Filing
•Benefits for Couples Filing Jointly
•Are Energy Effiecient Appliances Tax Deductible?
•How to Find Out How Much I Owe in IRS Back Taxes
•Can I Claim My Rent & Utilities on My Taxes?
•Are College Entrance Exams Tax Deductible?
•At What Income Does a Minor Have to File an Income Tax Return?
•Landlord Tenant Rights in Maine
•Is Social Security Tax Deducted From Gross Wages for Reportable Income?
•Can Joint Tenants With Rights of Survivorship Be Contested?
•Tax Liens Made Easy
•What Can You Count Off on Taxes?
•How to Withhold Your Own Taxes
•Is a Building Permit Deductible for Federal Income Tax?
•How Long Do Federal & State Tax Returns Need to Be Kept For?
•Federal Tax Incentives: The Wind Power Tax Credit
•How to Use Work Clothes As a Tax Deduction
•What Filing Status Deducts the Most Taxes?
•Information on IRS Letters of Deficiency
•How Is Federal Income Tax Figured on Gratuities Not Reported?
•Will the IRS Accept Income Taxes If I Forgot a W2?
•What are Income Tax Forms?
•Why Would I Owe Federal Taxes?
•What Is a Federal Tax Lien on a Home?
•Tax Deductions for Diabetes
•What are Tax Laws?
•What Are Some Ways to Split a Business in a Divorce?
•IRS Penalties for Abatement
•How to Obtain a License to Run a Radio Station
•How to Prepare for an Tax Audit
•How to Get Rid of an IRS Tax Lien
•How to Deal With Penalties From Tax Non-Payment

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