Easter cat!

As I mentioned last week, Wisp showed up Friday after two days away, but without Snowdrop. When he didn’t show up Saturday or Sunday, I reluctantly concluded we’d lost him, whether to coyote, car or sickness.

Monday, he showed up with Wisp. As TYG quipped, “Easter cat has risen!”We are incredibly relieved, though I doubt we’ll worry any less next time. While Snowdrop was initially a littel cautious coming in, Tuesday he sat down next to me on the couch, snuggled against my leg and accepted much petting.

Oh, here’s a shot of Wisp when TYG calls to her from the upstairs window.#SFWApro.


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2 responses to “Easter cat!

  1. Outdoor cats do love their spring walkabouts–mine always disappear for days, and it’s agony every time. As they get older, they stick closer to home, but there’s something about that spring time magic…

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