Let them eat cake

In the spirit of yesterday’s post about Republicans opposing free menstrual products in schools, they’re unsurprisingly opposing food for the hungry. Former Rep. Steven Fincher, for example, opposed food stamps on the grounds if you don’t work you don’t eat (as someone who was once on food stamps I can state as fact that I was working at the time) while collecting millions in farm subsidies himself (he’s not alone in this).

Now Repubs in North Dakota have refused to spend money expanding the federal free lunch program because that’s parents’ responsibility, not government! If families aren’t able to feed their kids, why should government step in?

And while I hadn’t heard of this before, multiple Republican attorneys general sued for the right to refuse food stamps to LGBTQ people. Not, they insist, because they want gay or trans people to go hungry, but because it’s a slippery slope: if they don’t have the right to refuse them then they’ll end up forced to use preferred pronouns and celebrate gay marriages! Happily the judge wasn’t having any of it.

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