My madcap Mensa weekend

By a fluke, my birthday last weekend coincided with the Greenville Mensa gathering this year. It’s the first time since 2019 they’ve been able to hold it. We went and it turned out to be a lot of fun. More than I expected actually: the turnout was good (better than the Atlanta gathering last September), multiple friends attended, I gave a talk about pirate movies (hence several of them turning up in my Saturday reviews lately) and we went out for great Indian food. The food in hospitality wasn’t as good as usual, alas, due to covid making them more restrictive about what can be served or left lying around.

Overall, though, an awesome weekend. And snuggling with TYG in the morning without dogs getting in-between was nice. The dogs had a great time in daycare, Wisp and Snowdrop got over having us absent for a couple of days (a neighbor put out food).

And I took photos. Here’s me in my pirate shirt.The mirror closet door often swung so that I’d see it when I came in, creating a weird optical illusion.There were pirates, of course—And more pirates.And general silliness.Traffic was miserable both ways and we kept wondering why one law firm had a half-dozen billboards, one after the other, in just a few miles. But there’s always the Gaffney peach.Best birthday I’ve had in a while.



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