This could be a big deal

So recently Snowdrop came in one morning, sniffed around the pillow where Wisp usually sits ——and then settled on the couch for petting. After a few minutes he was relaxed enough I decided to chance closing the door to the deck. Usually that panics him into leaving but it was cold and I could only endure it for so long.

For the first time he was completely unfazed by me shutting him in. I came back to the couch and petted him for several minutes before he got up and padded to the door. I let him go.

It hasn’t happened since but it’s potentially a breakthrough. It’ll be much easier to pet him and care for him if we can have a door closed against inclement weather. Perhaps TYG will get her wish and have him curled up in her lap sooner than we expected.


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  1. Today, though, no such luck, though he didn’t freak out as much as he used to when we closed the door. Baby steps.

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