Everything’s strange if you look at it a different way

For no particular reason, I snapped a shot of the spare bedroom in the early morning dark.In a movie this would probably be the start of something very creepy, but happily this is real life.

Not so happily, I was thinking this week of how many people I know who lost someone last month. A mom. A son (two people posted about that). A sibling. One blogger I follow has a wife in the hospital with pneumonia. A friend of mine passed earlier this week, though it still hasn’t sunk in. Yet TYG and I had a great Christmas.

Thinking about that is just so jarring to me. How can we be happy when other people got it in the teeth? Conversely how can bad things happen to people who are every bit as deserving of happiness as me and my spouse? Not that these are new questions — indeed they’re so old and endlessly debated I know I’m not going to find the answer.

All I can think is that even when life is good, it’s more fragile than we think. If yours is good right now, appreciate it. Hold those you love close. If it’s not good, accept a virtual sympathy hug for whatever that’s worth.


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