This might be a good sign.

TYG would love it if Snowdrop became an indoor cat at least part of the time. It’s not only for his safety, it’s that if he were comfortable when we close the door on him, we wouldn’t have to pet him while freezing winter air is coming in. But if it’s closed, he sits there and meows piteously; if we even look like we’re going door-wards, he’ll run out. We could just refuse to open it again, but TYG thinks it would make him too uncomfortable to keep coming in.

However he seems to have accepted from watching Wisp that the couch is a cool place to sit. So last week he climbed up on the couch with me ——and then rolled over and let me scritch the tummy.This is way more comfortable than he’s been in the past. I’m hoping that’s a good sign he’s coming to trust us. Even so, he’d probably freak out if we closed the door while he was on the couch. But little baby steps and all that, right?


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