Copyright, book-banning, cancellation and lots of other culture-related links

I always roll my eyes at suggestions we should end copyright and let writers make a living from personal appearances. Turns out even for musicians, live performance is a money-loser.

Ye, AKA Kanye West deserved to lose his endorsements and contracts, Karen Attiah says (though not everyone agrees) — but when will we do the same to antisemitic white guys?

Should Ye’s music be banned? If so, how?

I’ve often rolled my eyes at people who claim writers would do fine without copyright — just make money charging for personal appearances! Turns out even musicians can’t make a profit that way.

Speaking of copyright, Peter David recounts his discovery one author ripped off a Gardner Fox SF novel — as in copied the whole thing except for changing names — not once but twice!

Missouri AG proposes libraries either ban books or lose funding. Florida’s down with it, recruiting a member of Moms for Liberty — better called Moms for Homophobia — for a book-banning committee. In Michigan, loser candidate Tudor Dixon thinks kids shouldn’t have access to books about divorced characters unless their parents are divorcing.

Brian Cronin discusses the line in fiction between lovable loser and selfish jerk.

Performing in drag is a long tradition in the US (Some Like It Hot, for example) but Idaho Republicans want to ban drag shows anywhere a child might see them.

The remarkable history of the legendary hymn “Faith’s Review and Expectation,” better known as “Amazing Grace.” As Fred Clark notes, one its creator wrote long before he repented of being a slave trader.

Hulu’s new show Reboot and the fantasy of sitcom families.

What does it signify that so much music being streamed is old music? See this post of mine on the same topic.

Brian Cronin points out that Big Bang Theory‘s “Indiana Jones doesn’t affect the plot of Raiders” doesn’t make it a bad movie, even if you buy into it.


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