Vote as if our lives and freedom depend on it. They do.

I imagine nobody who takes the time to read any of my political posts needs to be told that, but with the election looming, it needs to be said. The Democratic Party is far from perfect but it does believe in democracy; Republicans attempted a coup when they lost an election. And if they win enough power, it will be very bad for everyone who’s Not Them.

As Paul Campos puts it, Democrats are the conservatives now, wanting “to preserve a thorough-going capitalist economic order that tolerates fantastical levels of economic inequality, a modest welfare state, no-fault divorce, legal abortion, a criminal law regime that will not arrest drag queens or take children away from parents who teach their children that drag queens are basically harmless, etc. …They represent the maintenance of a social status quo that is in most respects at least a half century old and in some respects much older.

The radical right in America today — a movement that is now in almost total control of one of our two major parties — is opposed to all this, root and branch. That’s why they’re radicals. Calling them “conservatives” is like calling someone who wants to abolish the franchise for women “conservative.” That’s a bizarre misnomer for people who are radical reactionaries.”

As I’ve written before, Republicans hate America. The America they claim to love doesn’t exist — a nation ruled by white men, with women staying home barefoot and pregnant (and no divorce, even if their husbands are abusers), gays back in the closet and people of color suitably submissive, preferably segregated. A warped version of the 1950s. though with an economy more like the 1800s, with no protection or rights for employees (after all, employers are God’s anointed representatives). And one where their power is subject to the will of the voters. That’ll be the first thing they change. They’re working on voter intimidation already. See also here. And of course, DeSantis. While blaming non-existent voter fraud for their actions.

If they win control of the House, that could mean more power for anti-Semite, conspiracy theorist and third-rate celebrity troll (and possible Trump running mate?) Marjorie Taylor Greene. It means a Don’t Say Gay bill at the federal level. And more open racism (“It feels like there was a historically brief golden age where it wasn’t cool to be an obvious bigot. And it’s waning.“) as the Republicans cater to the people pissed off people look down on them for using ethnic or gender slurs.

As Roy Edroso points out  there’s plenty of “bothsiderism” out there, pretending that both parties are just as bad and that we need some magical third party (the dream of an outsider I’ve mentioned before) or a coalition of Cruz and Sanders supporters (see the Edroso link) to challenge the status quo. Matt Walsh says anime is literally Satanic (“I just want to clarify that yes it will literally lead to demonic possession in upwards of 87 percent of cases, studies show.”) but an idiot on Twitter asserts the left are equally bad. No examples provided.

Anything to avoid saying the truth: a vote for Republicans is a vote for fascism and for hate and against democracy. That’s the reality, regardless of what they want their vote to mean. I’ve known people who swear they only voted for Trump in 2016 to piss off liberals, but that doesn’t change the fact they contributed to his win just like all the hardcore believers.

It’s not just the federal government either. Steve Bannon and other Republican strategists hope to take over enough state legislatures to call a new constitutional convention. Unlike the original convention, which worked to secure buy-in from everyone (including slaveholders unfortunately), this will be a right-wing convention to impose right-wing minority rule on everyone.

Vote. It matters. Vote Democratic Party. Vote state and local races. I get that Democrats are far from perfect; I’ve had plenty of criticisms of their leadership over the years myself. Right now, though, they’re all we’ve got to stop the Republicans. So let’s do our best.

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