Political quotes and links

“If the Republican Study Committee’s plan were implemented, Social Security and Medicare would be partially privatized, food stamps would be slashed, Head Start would be phased out, Medicaid funding would be decimated, the Affordable Care Act would be weakened, labor unions would be undermined, the EPA would be gutted, abortion would be banned, birthright citizenship would be eliminated, Donald Trump’s border wall would be funded, and even the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would see its doors permanently closed.”

“There are services that this department provides to city, county, local jurisdictions, that simply can’t be qantified at a rate that most jurisdictions could ever afford. If you were to remove these folks from that equation, things would collapse in many of your counties, for your constituents.” — an Arizona prison official justifying the use of convicts as slave labor.

“They started exploiting children,” he claimed in a video on Kuhl’s campaign site dated June 9. “There’s a child trafficking ring being run through there as well.” — from an article about Republican senate candidate Ryan White filed a false sex-trafficking charge.

According to Marjorie Taylor Greene, children need “Mom and dad together – not fake mom and fake dad, but biological mom and biological dad.” I have no idea if shitting on adoptive parents is just being her usual bullshit-babbling self or if there’s some underlying point.

“Our culture loudly but stealthily promotes abortion, telling women … they should have careers.” — Matt Birk, Repub candidate for Minnesota lieutenant governor.

“Both candidates formally requested recounts of their primary elections from June 28, suggesting widespread irregularities seen by no one other than their own campaigns and allies.” It’s amusing but alarming too. Even under the best circumstances, endless accusations of fraud will bog down our electoral system.

“The National Right to Life Committee is lobbying states to enact legislation it’s drafted that would make it a crime to advertise information about abortion pills or other methods of ending a pregnancy.” I wonder how log before they propose outlawing pro-choice blog posts? More here.

If you are planning to lock in minority rule – gutting voting rights, eliminating privacy rights – you are maybe looking at a future of living in a gated compound with guards & guns.” — from a Twitter thread pointing out that angry crowds protesting while Brett Kavanagh eats is the society SCOTUS is creating.

“The House has approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to compel government officials to prepare a report on combating white supremacists and neo-Nazi activity in the police and military, despite every Republican voting against the measure,.” No surprise: I know from past arguments a lot of Repubs prefer to deny they exist, let alone how important their votes are to the party.

“‘The penalty of deception is to become a deception, with all sense of moral discrimination vitiated. A man who lies habitually becomes a lie, and it is increasingly impossible for him to know when he is lying and when he is not. In other words, the moral mercury of life is reduced to zero.’These words come self-administered: Circle back. Don’t live in or abide or normalize, out of mistaken politeness, someone else’s lies. Know your own moral power. Decline fear. Live in hope.”

“A man who worked as a youth pastor at a church in Madison was found guilty Thursday night of five felony counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child.

“The audiences are being deprived of my voice as the result of a deliberate cancellation decision. So it’s not me who’s being cancelled. It’s the audiences who are being cancelled.” — Trump-supporting attorney Alan Dershowitz lamenting how he’s been canceled by a Jewish Community Center and the Chilmark Library.

“In the USA in 2022, the drive to outlaw abortion in all or almost all circumstances, to allow states to criminalize inter-racial marriage, the purchase of contraceptives, consensual sex between same-gender people, etc. — all positions that are wildly unpopular with the public as a whole — represents a kind of radically reactionary anti-democratic ideology that isn’t ‘conservativ’” in anything like the original political meaning of that term, which again meant a strongly status quo regarding position.” — Paul Campos on the blurry line between fascism and merely authoritarian conservatism.

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