Sleepless, again

The past week my sleep has been very poor. I’m not sure if it’s bleed-through stress from TYG getting stress or summer heat, which often messes up my sleep patterns. Of course, I have the option to start work early, then nap later, but I’m still feeling rather worn out right now.

That contributed to becoming very disorganized this week. It didn’t help that first thing Monday morning we took the dogs to their physical therapy (feel free to laugh, but it really helps them). Then I’d planned a relatively light day of work because I was also taking Trixie in for a checkup to see if her UTI had gone away. As she was still on antibiotics I had to cancel but somehow I couldn’t cudgel my brain into making effective use of the free time. Then I had to go in to pick up the pee collection syringe, then bring it back in after collection. Little stuff like that wouldn’t, I think, have been a huge problem normally, but I was already out of sorts and tired, so …

But Trixie seems to have recovered. And I love her.I did get work done, though. I completed another Accounting Seed article. I continued redrafting Obalus, but ran out of steam — annoyingly, late enough in the afternoon I couldn’t bring myself to switch and work on something else. I suspect I’m going to need to lengthen it — the opening scenes are great, but once we transition to a fantasy setting, everything in the old draft wrapped up too fast. Doing it right will add length, I think.

I put in some work on revising the cover copy for Questionable Minds. I looked for book bloggers who are into steampunk but the list I found turned out to be a)they weren’t into steampunk; b)they charge; c)not taking reviews. Back to the drawing board.

That was pretty much it. The article took longer than it should have, and I’m off today. I shall spend some time this weekend thinking how to cudgel my schedule back into shape.

#SFWApro. Book cover by Sam Collins.


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