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A Texas pastor wants gays put to death. If the right wing gets to throw out the Lawrence decision that legalized gay sex, I guarantee we’ll hear more people advocate making death the punishment. As Fred Clark says, whether gay-haters think they’re acting from love of god rather than hate of gays, the hate is in their actions.

Amazon sells books by a white supremacist publisher.

Fun with algorithms. There’s one that can find your face in photos anywhere. The tech’s current owner says “he was relying on people to act “ethically,” offering little protection against the technology’s erosion of the long-held ability to stay anonymous in a crowd. PimEyes has no controls in place to prevent users from searching for a face that is not their own, and suggests a user pay a hefty fee to keep damaging photos from an ill-considered night from following him or her forever.”

Then there’s the algorithms that supposedly spot test cheaters.

As criticism of the Uvaide PD’s response to the school shooting mounts, the department has a solution: stop cooperating with investigators.

In the same spirit, the Parma OH police responded to a FB parody mocking their account—parody is legal First Amendment stuff—by locking up the creator and putting him on trial. He got off, then counter-sued, but a federal  court says the police acted within their rights.

The Bible bans charging interest. Fred Clark has some thoughts.

A federal appeals court has ruled that the 14th Amendment’s bar on insurrectionists holding office may be applied to current/future political candidates. I’m sure the Supreme Court will tank it but that would be good news.

White nationalist Neil Kumar hopes his run for Congress will spread the word about replacement theory, which he pretends to believe in.

More Republican election fraud! Possibly this is another example.

What drives people with lots of money to do unethical things for even more money?

Wrongfully convicted because your public defender was inept? Supreme Court says screw you.

According to Tucker Carlson, Kamala Harris is “a dyslexic poet with a limited vocabulary, she just kind of bombs around the country emitting words. And they’re hilarious.” Funny, that sounds like a description of Carlson himself, except he’s not hilarious, just vicious, misogynist and bigoted.

For good news, the Supreme Court has told parents opposing New York State ending religious vaccine exemptions that they’re not hearing the case.

Too many conservatives think the collapse of American society and Western civilization all boils down to tolerating gay rights.

Here is the Republican message on everything of importance: 1. They can tell people what to do. 2. You cannot tell them what to do.” Which is not news, but the linked Twitter thread states it well.

In 2020, the GOP saw no problem with declaring their candidates’ wins legit, even as they lied and shrieked about election fraud. They’re still at it.

I’m sure many Republicans would insist that even though many right-wingers want gays executed, it’s never going to happen. Don’t believe them.

Just because Obama’s no longer in office doesn’t mean Republicans won’t try to use the Scary Black Man to frighten voters: “operating from the shadows while dummy dementia puppet Biden serves as decrepit front man. And who is giving Obama the orders? The enemies of America – billionaire, meglomaniac, psychopaths George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party.” — Wayne Root

Well here’s a shocker: the Uvalde PD and the city government want to shut down information requests about the shooting on ground the information would be embarrassing or show weaknesses criminals could exploit (like cops not being willing to risk their butts to save kids?). Given what we already know, it makes me wonder how much worse is being covered up?

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