Today I travel. Let’s hope I return safe and COVID-free

ConCarolinas starts today and I’m in! I’m quite pleased as this was my second or third time applying. Hopefully I’ll give a good account of myself.

It’s the first time TYG and I have been apart for a weekend — she’s staying home — since the pandemic started. The first time I’ve driven outside the Raleigh-Durham area in almost as long. It feels a little freaky so send positive thoughts. My programs:

Let’s Build a World today at 6pm, followed by an autographing session. Not that there are many people craving my autograph but perhaps I can sell them a book and then sign it.

Dive Into Marvel and DC tomorrow at 11 AM.

Steampunk & Gaslamp. I think I may bring up Questionable Minds.And at 5pm, Superheroes as Vigilantes. Needless to say, the two comics/superhero related ones are going to be fun.

The rest of the time I guess I’ll be hanging around, trying to handsell books, browsing the sale table (not that I have much money to spare) and hanging out with the writers I know. Find me if you’re there; if not, have a great weekend just the same.

#SFWApro. Cover by Samantha Collins, all rights to image remain with current holder.

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