Troubled teens and a pissed off old fart: movies

BETTER LUCK TOMORROW (2003) focuses on a group of Asian American teens who turn to shoplifting as a break from their rigorous academic lives. From there they jump to drug-dealing, selling cheat sheets and then … Competent but this never clicked with me.  “It’s literally a full-time commitment just to make people believe you’re the person you’re supposed to be.”

Stephen Soderbergh’s THE LIMEY (1999) stars Terence Stamp as a tough British thug, just out of the jug. His daughter, living in LA, has just died in what Stamp suspects was no accident, which is very bad news for the people responsible. This co-stars Lesley Anne Warren as a friend of the daughter and Peter Fonda as her ex-lover; the story is slight but the performances are strong.  “That’s usually what senseless violence comes down, to isn’t it? Bad loans, bad judgment, bad faith.”

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