Dizziness and diarrhea

No, not my diarrhea. Last Saturday, Trixie suddenly got the squirtles, requiring me to walk her in the early morning. And again, about an hour later. And again 90 minutes later. Every time I’d drift off to sleep, she’d get the need. Not a good night.

I almost lost my temper with her a couple of times, which would have been wrong. It’s not her fault and she was doing her best not to poop on the floor. She’s a good dog and it wasn’t her fault. Fortunately her tummy returned to normal after that night.

In more cheery news, my vertigo is just barely a thing now. I do my exercises regularly and I’ve gone to physical therapy to get some added exercises to try. Occasionally I still get a brief moment, but nothing serious; hopefully it’ll go completely before too long.

I was skeptical about physical therapy’s role in the process but it helps. Doing vertigo exercises is unpleasant — it makes things worse at first — so having someone push me makes it a lot easier to keep at them. And the results speak for themselves.


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