Right-wingers raving about the Ukraine (and other links)

Fox’s Lara Logan recycles the Ukrainians Are Nazis excuse and adds that Zelensky dabbles in the occult for good measure.

Much of what we’re hearing from the right, like Ukraine’s supposed mad-science biolabs, is taken straight from Russian propaganda. And some of the same people pushing it embraced similar claims as an excuse for the Iran war.

Then we have Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers, a Stop the Steal Republican and anti-Semite who believes George Soros and global bankers control the Ukraine. She also tweets about how Putin critics don’t understand “Hitler and Napoleon invaded Russia and tried to take Moscow.”

Trump thinks Putin wanting to restore the old USSR just shows he loves his country.

For a more sensible take, Trevor Noah.

For a truly deranged take, “You millennial leftists who never lived one day under nuclear threat can now reflect upon your woke sky.” It’s what happens when you train yourself to treat everything as culture war.

Not that Republicans are better on American issues. Look at how their obsession with Trump losing in 2020 is destroying our electoral system one precinct at a time.

“I have put away drug dealers with a single rap of a gavel without blinking an eye. Oh how I wish I could do the same to you, Richard Sackler.” — survivors of oxycontin victims confront the Sacklers. A shame the family isn’t capable of remorse; if they were, they wouldn’t have become the drug dealers they are. For all the shit oxycontin victims got, the pushers deserve a lot of the blame.

But do the people dying of covid because they refuse to get vaccinated deserve most of the blame?

A Trump-loving romance I don’t think I’ll read.

In their ongoing effort to shred the education system, some conservatives want to know in advance what teachers will be teaching about. And presumably if the teacher depart from that plan — and that can happen if the class slows down or speeds up — they’ll start shrieking about the betrayal.

Misogynist Matt Walsh has pretended to be a Virginia resident so he can speak against trans people at a school-board meeting. Over in Texas, Governor Abbott’s anti-trans policies have triggered lawsuits (yay!). Right Wing Watch points out that the motives for opposing trans rights have never been about protecting women.

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