It’s the day of love!

For schedule reasons TYG and I exchanged gifts yesterday — I made her chili, she bought me some McVittie’s digestives with chocolate (good stuff).  And in an unplanned outing we spent several hours Saturday at the E/R (I had vertigo, they had to double check I wasn’t cranially bleeding — full details on Friday), which makes me appreciate how great it is having someone who’s always there for me (and me for her, natch). It’s romantic, even if it’s not traditional (and so help me, it better not become a tradition).

Now let’s celebrate St. Valentine with some romance covers! This first one has an unknown penciler, Bernard Sachs inking.Next this wildly 1960s Ric Estrada cover.John Romita brings the heartbreak (don’t worry, I’m sure she finds someone else)And more Romita heartbreak!And I’ll bet money Lily Martin on this Dick Giordano cover isn’t as wild as she seems.#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holder.

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