Quotes about sexism and misogyny

“Being cajoled and ignored when demanding anaesthesia – and being guilt-tripped into parenting in a way that is not compatible with work outside the home – is not what I call feminism. Natural motherhood is often neither natural nor woman-centred; it implies that the life of every mother – but not father – should revolve around the child.” —  a look at the insane standards we impose on mothers.

“Pregnancy and childbirth are bloody, messy, flesh-tearing endeavors after which American women are discharged from the hospital with no codified support. No free Finnish baby boxes containing all necessary baby gear. No free British midwives, dropping by your home to check on the mental and physical well-being of the new parents. No free Swedish lactation consultants, no German hebammen. No mandated paid maternity leave as exists throughout Europe and in other countries like South Korea, Israel, Mexico, Chile.” — a look at how those insane standards encourage a lower birthrate.

“Think about “listen to women” as a program for change. It says to women: You will continue to suffer these abuses, men will continue to do disgusting things to you, the storms will keep coming, the tide will continue to rise, but now, we will listen and help you rebuild.” — from a 2018 post about the uselessness of good men.

“If someone of his standing decided to make amends for their trash behavior, this would have gone a long way toward helping to change the culture. What’s ultimately disheartening about this is that there is absolutely no accountability amongst his peers. No one pulled his coattails. Instead, he pulled a Louis C.K. and just waited until it was white man safe again.” — Nerds of Color on accused sexual assailant Warren Ellis.

“Why are you not allowed to have that opinion, why is that so controversial? That was the opinion of every society like from the beginning of time until about twenty minutes ago.” — Tucker Carlson on a guest who thinks patriarchy is good and wome should not be in positions of power. Contrary to “Snowflake” Carlson anyone is “allowed” to have that opinion; being criticized is not the same thing as not being “allowed.”

“The investigation found credible evidence of instances of multiple women having complained to other staff about negative interactions with Dr. Lander, where he spoke to them in a demeaning or abrasive way in front of other staff,”— from a Politico article on Biden’s science adviser.

“The effort to add fetuses to the Constitution is increasingly an idea picked up by prosecutors to justify essentially removing the constitutional rights of pregnant people,” said Lynn Paltrow, executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, which has reached out to Poolaw and could represent her on appeal. What we’re seeing as Roe becomes more vulnerable, and claims of fetal rights increase, she added, is that “prosecutors feel liberated to use a variety of criminal laws to arrest women in relation to their pregnancies and pregnancy outcomes.”

“If Robertson’s department had held on to the Glock, the rest of the story might have been different. But Gray had his gun – and the new Alabama statute didn’t spell out a procedure for him to surrender it. Nor was there any requirement for law enforcement to seize it. In his deposition, Robertson acknowledged that Gray was no longer allowed to have a firearm, but he said he didn’t follow up on the case: “We don’t have the authority to go and start checking everybody that’s been convicted.” He also admitted that he’d never notified Mitchell that he’d given back the Glock. The law didn’t require it.” — a look at how police let domestic abusers keep their guns.

“In America, the basic humanity and safety of those who are not White men is always up for ‘open debate.’”  — from Karen Attiah’s column about Spotify giving Joe Rogan his safe space to spout misogyny and the n-word.

“The places that saw staff and service cuts were mostly already in health-care deserts, which only exacerbated patients’ access problems. ‘If you have a clinic open only two days a week with messed up hours, you still don’t have a clinic,’ Colon said.” — a look at how Mississippi throttles government-funded family planning and ob/gyn health services and how it’s gotten worse in the pandemic.


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