No voting rights act (and other links about race)

Thanks to Senators Manchin and Sinema — and, of course, the entire Republican Senate bloc — the filibuster remains, which means no federal law protecting voting rights. As Perry Bacon says, “Black Americans protested against racism and democratically chose the political leaders they wanted in 2020 — and were then punished for doing so. Nov. 4, 2008, and Jan. 5, 2021, were historic days of Black power; Jan. 19, 2022, was a show of how limited that power remains.”

Crystal Clanton allegedly left Turning Point USA because of text messages about how she hated black Americans. Now that she’s getting a coveted clerkship with a federal judge, she’s suddenly decided the messages were faked!

Republicans used to laugh at safe spaces and trigger warnings as fit only for special snowflakes. But when it comes to shielding their fee-fees from discussions of race, they’re all in. Which is why some conservative groups are outraged that discussing MLK’s work involves discussing white racism.

Racial diversity in churches is not automatically good according to the Family Research Council.

Moscow Mitch in comparing black and white voting activity phrases it as comparing African-American and American.

The convictions for Ahmaud Arberry’s murderers should have been a slam-dunk, but I’m still a little surprised all three were found guilty. I’m still pessimistic about the trial of the officers who stood and watched Derek Chauvin murder George Floyd.

Virginia Republican Wren Williams not only wants less discussion of racism in schools, he wants them to cover the debates between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass — which is something that never happened.

Given there was no widespread Democratic fraud in 2020, I can’t see former Georgia Senator David Perdue — currently primarying Gov. Kemp — calling for a special police squad to investigate election fraud and make arrests as anything but another tool to intimidate black (and other Democratic) voters. Unsurprisingly Typhoid Ron DeSantis wants a similar agency. Let’s not forget, even CyberNinjas couldn’t find evidence of fraud — and despite raking in millions of fees for the effort, it now claims to be too broke to pay sanctions.

“William Richardson, for example, a Democrat who fought for the Confederacy, died in office in 1914 after representing Alabama for 14 years. Another Democrat, Rebecca Latimer Felton, a suffragist and a white supremacist, was appointed to fill a Senate vacancy in 1922 and briefly represented Georgia at age 87. The first woman ever to serve in the Senate was a former slaveholder.” — From an excellent WaPo article on slaveowners in Congress.

And I’ll wrap up with Roy Edroso’s substack piece about conservatives using Martin Luther King Day to shit on his legacy.


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