A fun goal to keep working on

One of the goals I’m trying for January is to read one book or watch one movie a day. Not literally, but an average. Thirty-one books and movies combined.

If it works, it will trim down my TBR pile, much of which comes from the library. I reserve the books I want but when I pick them up I invariably find a few more. After a while, it mounts up.

So far it’s gone well, though it doesn’t leave me as much time to read comic books as I like. And I’m not including the TPBs I read over time toward my book/film quota, so the latest Golden Age Batman Omnibus doesn’t count. I will see about tweaking that for February.

It has focused my mind so that I’ve managed seven books so far this month, ranging from the serious — Madness Rules the Hour, about Charleston in 1860 — to engaging fluff like Edmond Hamilton’s space opera Return to the Stars. And I make sure to arrange my weekends so I have plenty of time for movie watching. I resumed my Hitchcock viewing last weekend starting with one of my favorites, Rear Window.

It’s not that hard, of course, when we’re not going out much anyway. But it’s still surprising how much more reading and viewing I can squeeze in when I consciously commit to it.

#SFWApro. Cover image on the Batman book by J. Winslow Mortimer; all rights to images remain with current holders.

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