Riffing on the Texas abortion ban (and other links)

As y’all know, Texas broke new anti-abortion ground by authorizing private citizens to sue anyone involved in an abortion, with a $10,000 reward for each bounty. Sondra Sotamayor has pointed out in her dissent that the Supreme Court refusing to intervene gives a green light to other schemes. As noted at the link, there have already been proposals along those lines.

For example, Typhoid Ron DeSantis wants to empower parents to sue school board for teaching critical race theory — which in practice will mean lawsuits over “you said racism is a problem in America!” File a few dozen and a lot of school boards will roll over and back off, I’m sure. Oklahoma allows parents who request a book ban to sue if it isn’t granted and, if they win, collect $10,000 for each day the book is on the shelves.

Which is, of course, just part of the renewed vigor with which right-wingers are fighting to ban books, even in public libraries. One woman quoted at the link says she wants to protect children, which is a nice way of saying she wants to decide what other parents’ kids can read at the library, not just her own. This also fits with the more militant right wing turning its eyes on vulnerable local politicians. And threatening federal elected officials, of course.

In Trump virus news, LGM notices America is shifting its approach from stopping the surge to coping with the casualties. But some Very Clever People insist that its liberals’ fault the anti-vaxxers are anti-vaxxing. And presumably for cutting the power of health officials — no covid restrictions! — to the point one city says it can’t fine restaurants for unsanitary conditions.

Some healthcare workers seem to be becoming increasingly militant anti-vaxxers.

Native American churchgoing teenage girls drop off a Christmas message at the local sheriff’s house. He pulls a gun on them.

One of the staple right-wing arguments for taking away women’s right to vote is that they vote too liberal. Right-wing racist law professor Amy Wax thinks the same should apply to Asians. Much stereotyping follows in defense of Wax’s argument against increased immigration.

I’m not at all surprised by Marjorie Taylor Greene being in favor of a second civil war. She won’t be risking her own neck to destroy the country and if it never happens, calling for it will cement her post-Congress career on OAN or Newsmax or wherever she ends up.

American attorney Alan Dershowitz has been accused of banging underage girls at Jeffrey Epstein’s parties. The BBC shouldn’t have had him comment on the Ghislaine Maxwell case without mentioning this.

For all the whines from the right about Biden wrecking the economy, job claims are at historic lows.

Several right-wingers informed me in 2020 that they voted Trump because Biden wasn’t strong enough to confront China. Turns out Trump’s relying on a shady Chinese firm as his new media venture’s partner.

Good news: a sheriff’s lieutenant who participated in the Jan. 6 riots has been fired.

More good news: Oklahoma’s governor challenged the Biden military vaccine mandate and lost in federal court.

Back to bad news: Several of this year’s school shootings were kids killing kids. Republicans still won’t support a bill mandating parents keep guns away from kids.

Lyndon McLeod, the recent Denver shooter/killer, had extremist views that are actually conventional Republican mainstream views.

Where is Typhoid Ron DeSantis? Of course by the time this post comes out, we may know.

Moscow Mitch calls for shredding what’s left of campaign finance law on the grounds it’s been so weakened, the remnants aren’t constitutional.

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