Book-burning and other writing/reading/creative-related links.

“It was not hard for school libraries to ignore trans kids in their books a decade ago because there were hardly any books that included a trans kid.” — a look at the current right-wing push to ban books. Despite the cries about how they’re trying to protect white kids from books that hurt them, it looks more like parents upset their kids might learn about any other perspective.

Even here in Raleigh-Durham, banners hit gay books harder than straight books.

BookRiot looks at how important those books are to kids who aren’t white or heteronormative.

And some parents want to go straight to book-burning.

On the plus side, like so many past bans the right-wing protests are boosting book sales.

The books Winnie the Pooh and The Sun Also Rises just entered public domain. That includes the Ernest Shepard illustrations.

A popular DC bookstore may become a union shop

Here’s a great example of how old stories were redrawn and relettered to meet the 1950s comics code.

Is AI recreating lost works of art or giving us art that never existed?

Is part of the appeal of the romance novel that women’s feelings matter to the male lead? As the FB post at the link notes, the idea men should have to consider women’s feelings horrifies some conservatives.

A discussion of publishing (or not) biographies of problematic authors by possible sexual harassers. This is probably worthy of a more detailed response but I don’t have one. However it seems the allegations against Bailey are worse than the first link implied.

Lots of actors had their final films released posthumously.

Some years back, a comics writer (Kurt Busiek, I think) suggested Disney and Warners should deal with potential copyright suits over the comics characters they own (e.g., the now settled Kirby lawsuit), by paying creators or their families a sizable chunk of change in return for releasing copyright claims. It’s fair, it eliminates the possibility of losing the rights to Spider-Man or Wonder Woman, etc., and it looks good. Unsurprisingly, given how Disney’s publishing arm treats authors, they’ve gone in the other direction: they’ve pre-emptively sued families of Marvel creators (though in Ditko’s case, his estate has already filed to regain Spider-Man). Here’s more on how the Big Two treat creators.

#SFWApro. Image by Ernest Shepard

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