99.99 percent done

Yesterday was a looooong day, almost an aill-nighter, but it’s done. Alien Visitors is finished, other than the mechanical steps of sending it off digitally, then mailing the hard-copy illustrations.

I thought I’d have to do a regular post this morning but nope. Not when I wound up feeling a little like this:But it was worth staying up late, knowing the whole thing is done. It feels great looking at today and knowing I have no responsibilities other than sleeping, playing with dogs, watching TV.

#SFWApro. Cover by Joe Kubert.


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2 responses to “99.99 percent done

  1. Congrats! Finishing always feels good!

  2. Thanks. I’ll feel better when it’s actually delivered (there’s some tech stuff required on their end) and I don’t have the urge to make changes.

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