It’s a sick, sad world of right-wing bullshit

“When conservatives bitch about popular culture, it’s not because they really think it’s converting many people to liberalism; it’s because they’re bullies and, like all bullies, they become enraged whenever someone sasses them where they can hear it.’ — Roy Edroso on the right-wing efforts at counter-culture.

Edroso again, on the right’s enthusiasm for a new civil war: “see who’s talking about civil war. Sometimes they’ll act like they’re being forced into it by the all-powerful Left; sometimes they’d like to see the sissy Left try and stop them from civil-warring!” Though I suspect 90 percent of them (at a minimum) are envisioning someone else firing on Ft. Sumter — Ben Shapiro, Newt Gingrich and John Hinderaker are not going to put their own lives on the line.

Similarly I’m sure Candace Owens, now proposing we invade Australia, has no intention of enlisting. I doubt she even wants to, her blather is about how the nation’s popular vaccine mandates are a cruel oppression, blah-blah-blah.

Then again, while Michael Flynn has served in the military, his demands for martial law and theocracy aren’t any more acceptable. And somehow I doubt he’ll be on the front lines in a civil war either.

Claims the left are censoring and cancelling everyone are bullshit, while Republicans are writing censorship into law.

LGM wonders if religious exemptions for vaccines will broaden into big religious exemptions for other things. Similarly, legislatures are now getting public-health officials ability to impose any restrictions on the body politic.

On the 2020 election: “It’s amazing that people are still publishing “but the system held!” takes without noting that the reasons the system held are being systematically removed from office and replaced with pliant Trumpian authoritarians.” Oh, and it turns out one voter who claimed to have found fraud committed it himself. And here’s another Republican case.

Right-wing lawyer Matt Staver has been asking for funding so he can fight the Eeevil Vaccine Mandates and to compete he’s had to get steadily more extreme. Now he’s claiming that the military vaccine mandate is equivalent to rape and that Biden will have soldiers who refuse dishonorably discharged. He’s bearing false witness against the president.

A California candidate for Secretary of State claims she prayed God to turn aside men breaking into her house — so he sent them to murder her neighbors instead (they were witches so that’s okay).

From a couple of months back, J.D. “Hillbilly Elegy” Vance clams politicians with no kids have no stake in America. He means liberals. Of course Republicans have shown zero interest in protecting their kids from the coming global warming or even the Trump Virus, but Vance joined the party’s “who cares if it makes sense?” wing a while back.

A judge threw out the umpty-zillionth Stop the Steal case, so a woman allegedly threatened him.

No, the Constitution is not based on the Bible.

And then there’s The Former Guy. Never much of a good businessmen, he’s already lost one investor for his new social-media network (“The idea that I would help [Trump] build out a fake news business called Truth makes me want to throw up,” he said.”). And his “Trump-led media, news and Internet empire that would one day compete with CNN, Disney and Facebook” has already been hacked and mocked. I agree with Shakezula that it will crash and burn like TFG’s other online ventures but he’ll walk away with investors’ money.

Republican AGs are suing the White House for not finishing the border wall. I doubt they’re troubled by border agents abusing and raping immigrants.


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