Republicans: more communist than ever

As I said back in July, Republicans are coming to resemble the kind of communist authoritarian government they supposedly hate. Absolute fidelity to the glorious supreme leader. Tolerating no deviation from party doctrine. Case in point, Trump won Hood County, Texas with 80 percent of the vote. Nevertheless, Trumpers want to oust Republican election supervisor Katie Carew for denying the election was riddled with fraud. By an amazing coincidence the county clerk pushing Stop the Steal wants Carew’s job for herself.

The so-called U.S. Integrity Plan is recruiting people to go door to door around the country looking for phantom voters, fake addresses, totally not to intimidate anyone. It was troubling enough in Colorado, the Secretary of State issued an advisory reminding people of their rights: you don’t have to answer any questions and you never have to say how you voted.

The intolerance for dissent also bleeds over into religious zealotry. “Do you believe in God?” Sen. John Kennedy asked a DOJ nominee who finds right-to-lifers misogynistic. “Did it ever occur to you that some people may base their position on abortion on their faith?” As we live in a country with no religious test for public office, that’s not a legit question. And Kennedy ignores that a position based on religion can still be misogynistic.

And of course, everything has to conform to right-wing political correctness, right down to library books.

Oh and right-winger white supremacist shitbag Steve Bannon’s recommending the next Republican president install loyalists everywhere once he takes office.

And let’s not forget that Republicans worship a petty bully who had no qualms slamming the women’s soccer team for winning a Bronze medal (Megan Rapinoe’s girlfriend had a response).

Of course there’s also the crazy and irrational to deal with. NC Rep. Madison Cawthorn, alleged attempted rapist, wants Republicans to fight for Christianity the way Daniel and David in the Old Testament did. Former Trump attorney Lin Wood is now claiming the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were a CGI-created illusion.

There’s the continuing problem of right-wing terrorist violence. And while Florida’s “Typhoid Ron” DeSantis and other Republican leaders are pushing to give drivers the right to run down protesters, right-to-life protesters get handled with kid gloves.

One thing where Repubs do deviate from the commies is all the endless whining about how persecuted they are: a man whines because his nephew had great grades and SAT scores but couldn’t get into Harvard. Had to settle for a top 10 school and a top 5 law school. The injustice is real! And look what happened to this right-wing racist who said in Twitter she hates all black people.

And while I’m sure it was politically risky for Soviets to sympathize with those the state oppressed, I don’t remember them dumping on empathy (“I will mock those tears, just as I mocked Obama’s tears after Sandy Hook, because I desperately need to believe those tears are fake.”).

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