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Under current law, the media are only liable for libel of public figures if they make errors with serious negligence or with malice. Is the Supreme Court going to change that? Unfortunately I’m sure Republicans will twist any standard to make out “it’s libel if they criticize us, it’s not libel if we see Hilary Clinton is a lesbian Satanist! Free speech!” Much as I think The Former Guy’s efforts to get back on FB and Twitter by suing them wouldn’t stop him demanding the platforms cut off anyone opposed to him becoming president for life.

The rest of the world is cracking down on freedom of the press.

Slacktivist suggests that interpreting everything in the vein of “good for Democrats” or “great for Republicans” is not good reporting.

“We’re funneling more of the money in the [music] industry into fewer and fewer hands.” — a look at how streaming services benefit but artists don’t.

Songwriters have trouble too when the recording artist claims part of the writing credit, and the related royalties. It happens a lot.

You think the nonfiction books you read have been fact-checked? Guess again. Which probably explains how a dead wrong book like In the Devil’s Garden gets to be so wrong.

What it took for a reporter to expose Jeffrey Epstein and the sweetheart deal prosecutor Alex Acosta gave him.

Parody doesn’t always beat trademark infringement (though it sounds like it worked out well for the parodist).

An editor vented about what sort of writers are entitled to claim “Own Voices” as a label. Jim C. Hines disagrees.

These days, if someone wants to make great conservative art, I’m dubious they’ll succeed. But the solution is to create the art, not sit and whine about how other people should create it.

Because Disney released Black Widow on streaming simultaneously with theatrical, Scarlett Johansson is suing, saying this cut into her share of the profits.

The Wee Writing Lassie has an interesting discussion of unreliable first-person narration on How I Met Your Mother.

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