TYG and I aren’t spendthrifts. I love cool kitchen devices, for instances, but I can’t bring myself to buy something unless it’s actually more useful than what I already have. “It” usually isn’t.

But last year, we paid to have a thorough housecleaning. As I’ve mentioned before, it was fricking amazing to see how much better they clean than we do. And so nice to have it done without taking the time ourselves.

Then pandemic distancing began and we gave up on them for the rest of the year. Now they’re back (stay away from them, Delta variant!). It’s well worth the money. The house is cleaner, we’re happier, I spend less time cleaning — though in the time before they show up next month, I really must do better. There’s a few things that do need to be done in-between, and I didn’t.

Still cool, though.

For anyone who doesn’t think a photo of cleaning equipment is visually entertaining, here’s Wisp on the deck, somewhere between sleeping and hoping for a belly scritch.#SFWApro.

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