Guest dogs!

So last week’s doggy guests, Tito and Lily, stuck with us until early Tuesday afternoon. Five days was definitely a little too long a visit, even though they’re adorable dogs. By the end, even Plushie and Trixie were getting a little frustrated. And our guests lunge for Wisp when they see her outside, which upsets her.

But they needed us, so that’s cool. To show how adorable they are, here’s a couple of photos of Tito. He’s a bundle of energy, even more food-obsessed than Plushie. Lily is older and quieter, which may explain why I didn’t snap more shots of her. Both like sitting on the back of the couch, which ours don’t. Ah, here’s one of Lily!And Plushie accusing me of giving them more treats#SFWApro.

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