I went bicycling Wednesday!

That’s a big deal because with all the added time it takes to deal with the dogs in the morning these days — and now summer heat — I don’t think I’ve gone bicycling on a week day this year yet. But the weather was beautiful today, so … And I went up a stretch of the American Tobacco Trail that I haven’t visited in ages. No particular reason, just haven’t.

It was a bright, beautiful day and I had a lovely time. Ran into a woman with two Westies and while we were talking, she pointed out something behind me —Not the least disturbed by our presence. Nor did the dogs react; Trixie and Plushie don’t seem interested either. Which is good, the more harmony among the beasts of our little fields, the better.

I made it over the bridge across I-40 —

— which makes it possible to bicycle to the mall, or even all the way to the Raleigh trailhead. TYG and I have made it there before, but I’m no shape to make that 28 mile round trip just now.It’s very easy not to go biking if I only do it on weekends. So I must get back into the habit of doing it on weekdays.

While this photo wasn’t from that ride, I do rather like it. Speeders on this street, you’d better beware! Officer Hawk is watching!#SFWApro.

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