The tin anniversary

So a week ago, TYG and I celebrated our tenth anniversary, the “tin” one. I suggested she buy me some tea for the various empty tea tins I keep around (I know I’ll eventually fill them again). And so she did.

Wimey Keemun is a really good tea I enjoy as my first cup of the day (I don’t have the tea-tasting vocabulary to articulate what makes it good, sorry). Darjeeling Superba 6000 is just a very good tea. And 8 ounces of each will keep me going for a while, though I intend to buy some other varieties down the road.

My anniversary gifts weren’t tin-centric (“diamond” is the alternative but neither of us likes either diamonds or baseball, so …) but they were welcome. Toffee bars for a desert, zucchini lasagna — thin, baked zucchini slices substituting for noodles — for a meal (several meals, actually). Both her favorites.

We also went out Saturday to one of our favorite restaurants, Sage, a vegetarian place in Chapel Hill. They made it through the pandemic, though with a smaller menu. Food’s just as good as always.

Unfortunately last weekend also involved some Plushie problems which I’ll get into in my second post of the day.


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