A somewhat random bunch of political links.

Good for Vermont’s Republican Governor Phil Scott: he just signed a bill for universal mail-in voting. At the shallow end of the talent pool, Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks continues lying that Trump won in 2020. Perhaps he agrees with QAnonite and false prophet Johnny Enlow who says believing Biden is president is disloyalty to God. But hey, Mike Pence is talking tough — oh, wait, he’s saying more-in-sorrow-than-anger that he and Trump just don’t see eye to eye about Jan. 6.

You know how Republicans keep claiming the Jan. 6 seditionists were peaceful except for the antifa plants? Turns out one of them went on to a plot to blow up Amazon data centers. Seditionist Doug Jensen’s defense is that he believed QAnon so he’s really just a gullible sheeple. Other QAnon believers are feeling lost without The Former Guy in office.

A new right-wing fantasy: Trump becomes House speaker, then impeaches President Harris if she wins in 2024!

The judge who struck down California’s assault weapon ban claims in his opinion that assault weapons kill fewer people than the COVID vaccine.

An anti-vaxxer claims the vaccine will make us into human magnets who can tune in 5G. Sounds cool to me!

False prophet and Trump worshipper Hank Kunneman claims it’s liberals who can lie without suffering consequences.

With the “former guy” now banned from FB for two years, he’s unsurprisingly sulky and telling other nations to ban FB and Twitter.

Republicans committed to ending democracy but Sen. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are refusing to axe the filibuster. Manchin also won’t support the Democrats’ voting rights legislation. The reason? A meaningless babble about reaching across the aisle and being partisan. As someone said on Twitter, every interview with them should start by asking what they’ve done to build bridges and get Republican support? I suspect it ain’t much.

I am not at all surprised that Trump and William Barr wanted the FBI to find antifa terrorists and didn’t care about investigating right-wing terror. Trump’s fine with right-wing violence, and I imagine his thug of an attorney general is too.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti tried extorting $25 million from Nike by threatening to smear their brand. His defense team claims three months in prison and public mockery are enough punishment. I know lawyers are supposed to say stuff like that, but seriously, if Avenatti were some guy working minimum wage on trial for trying to steal $100, nobody would even try that defense. It’s only the upper classes who can be chastened by a slap on the wrist.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has angrily condemned Twitter and FB for blocking conservative bullshit and suspending Trump’s accounts. I am so totally shocked that he supports suspension when it’s people he doesn’t like.

Why the right-wing panic over critical race theory? “Since anything resembling free intellectual inquiry is extremely destructive to the basic world view of right wing America, right wing America has decided to come up with a solution to that problem. ”

Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany lied like a rug. She’s now lying that as she’s such a good Christian and mother she’d never have lied!

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